What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For Impact Wrench? (Detailed Answer)

With an impact wrench in mind that meets your needs as a mechanic or weekend DIYer, the following step is to obtain an air compressor as a power source. Unfortunately, the air compressor must perfect the impact wrench’s function, making finding the appropriate one a bit difficult.

Picking the size of the air compressor at random from the many possibilities available without any thought would almost certainly result poorly in any regarding activities.

In today’s article, let’s unlock your mind on the question “What size air compressor do I need for impact wrench?” and find out what you might have been missing out on.

What Size Of Air Compressor Do I Need For Impact Wrench?

When selecting an air compressor, there are 3 primary aspects to consider, associated with different size standards. They are air pressure, compressor tank size, and compressor tank style.

Air pressure

PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch and is used to measure air pressure in compressors. Impact wrenches, like most other pneumatic equipment, require 90 PSI of air pressure to operate. However, depending on the size of the wrench you’re using, the pressure will vary.

However, the range won’t stray too much. Between 90 and 125 psi air pressure, you may decide to pick any size impact wrench.

Compressor tank size

All air compressors have a storage tank that can hold the required amount of air. The quantity of air your tank can hold will determine how adequate your impact wrench is.

When using many tools at once, it’s best to utilize a larger tank because more air is used, resulting in a considerable improvement in proficiency. However, if you only have a few tools, a smaller tank will suffice.

Compressor tank style

The air compressor’s tank design is for mobility as well as design innovation. However, it is critical to the quantity of available floor space, mobility, compressor size, and application.

When utilizing an impact wrench, it is vital to select the most appropriate compressors that will allow you to operate efficiently in any environment. There are several tank designs and sizes to select from, making it simple to choose one that best suits your impact wrench.

Other Criteria For Choosing The Suitable Air Compressor Size

There is no such thing as a standard air compressor for impact wrenches. Other things to consider while choosing an air compressor for your impact wrench are listed below.

Project type

The amount of the air compressor needed to power the impact wrench will undoubtedly be determined by the sort of project you’re working on. For example, a powerful air compressor, such as the California Air Tools 8010 compressor, is required for high-torque jobs like big construction, automobile repair, or assembly.

A smaller air compressor will suffice for simple activities such as house maintenance or DIY projects.

Impact wrench size

The compressor size may vary depending on the size of the impact wrench you have.

Compared to a 1/2-inch and 14-inch drive, a 1-inch drive will require an air compressor with a larger tank and greater airflow.

The amount of space

If you aren’t working on any tasks that require high-torque impact wrenches, you should think about how much storage space you have. A smaller air compressor, such as a pancake air compressor, could be a better option if you’re short on room.

Is It Essential To Use The Correct Size Air Compressor?

When you use your tools according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, they will last longer. The tool’s maker will recommend the best settings for you to utilize. If you don’t exceed those limits, your tools won’t have to work as hard, and the chances of them wearing out will be reduced.

Using the suggested settings also protects your air compressor. The more regulations you follow, the less your machine heats up and the more power it can provide.

Aside from lifespan, operating inside your tools’ comfort zone, i.e., its suggested settings, makes them run more effectively.

What Are Air Compressors Commonly Used For?

An air compressor is almost always present because impact wrenches are commonly found in garages, mechanic shops, tire shops, and break shops.

A 4 or 5-gallon compressor will be enough to extract a tire or two, but you’ll need one with a capacity of approximately 15 gallons to remove everything.

They may be used for everything from car repairs to maintenance to hobbies, crafts, and building.  There are quite a few of the advantages of high-quality air tools. The air compressor is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that may be used in various settings, including houses, workshops, basements, factories, and garages.

Which Air Compressor Is The Smallest For An Impact Wrench?

The objective is to have an air compressor with tanks and a large pump to create enough CFM for your impact wrench.

You’ll also need to relocate your air compressor from time to time, so a portable one is preferable. In addition, portable air compressors have a smaller capacity and are less in weight.

To figure out what size air compressor you’ll need, you’ll need to know how much airflow the impact wrench takes to work. Then, when you locate the air tool’s CFM needed in the handbook or technical specification and fulfill it, your equipment will perform at its best.

Final Verdict

By the end of our article, we hope you have learned how to choose the correct air compressor size for your impact wrench. 

While the size of the air compressor required to power a particular impact wrench is still significant, there are other things to consider when deciding whether or not the compressor is suitable for you. Keep that in mind so you will not make the wrong decision.

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